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Angela Waller
Angela Waller

About me

I was born in Cheshire but my parents moved to London when I was very young,
and my school years and first jobs were there.  In the 1950s and 1960s, I
 was an Air Hostess, which was considered a very glamorous job at the time
and was very much sought after.  On one flight, I didn’t recognise a young
(unknown at that time) actor who was a passenger and he wrote a message to
me in a menu that read:  “I love you, Miss Austin.   Sean Connery.”   
(Yes, I still have that menu!)   After flying, I returned to secretarial work and
was offered a job in Libya.  By taking that job, I changed my life completely
because I met and married my American husband, Harry, in Libya.  
Two different nationalities getting married in a third country and satisfying the laws
of UK, USA and Libya is a story in itself -- and we were only engaged for 30 days!

After marrying, we moved around the world, and I have lived and worked in California, Texas, and Calgary – as well as returning to Libya twice.  I enjoyed living in these places, but eventually I found that I was homesick for England and when my husband retired, we came to live in West Sussex.  I love England and everything about it –  the changes of season, the countryside, market towns and villages, ancient buildings -- even the weather!   After living in hot and humid places for many years, even a rainy day is welcome!

I have done voluntary work (mostly fund raising) for animal charities in USA and England, and been given awards by two of these organisations.  After coming back to England to live, I started writing as a freelance and had articles published in many magazines including “Hello!”, “Sussex Life” and other county magazines.   I have appeared on TV’s “Newsnight”, “I Was A Jet Set Stewardess”, “From Blackpool to Benidorm”, “Superscrimpers”  and I was a champion on “Countdown”.

Nowadays, in addition to writing, I am frequently invited by clubs and societies to be a guest speaker at their meetings.

Angela with the famous Countdown clock behind her

Angela with the famous
Countdown clock behind her

Angela, Air Hostess 1957 Angela, Air Hostess Off Duty

air hostess, 1957

Angela, air hostess,
“off duty”